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You may also get the conference full proceedings at the SIGBOVIK website.

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When Pennsylvania machine learning practitioners use this trick many are shocked at the results they find. Most just cannot believe that their test set accuracies are real, but the truth is that it is now easy to learn separating hyperplanes with this one weird trick.

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Dr Vapnik, the authority on everything related to statistical learning theory, set out to do some research and determine whether these techniques live up to their reputations. After several weeks Vladimir was able to report back on several of his findings. The most exciting of which was he now is going to improve accuracy by .8 over the next year.

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What is Kim's secret to keeping off the pounds while pregnant?? The blogs say Kim eats corn one kernel at a time. But we're talking of another kind of weird kernel trick!! Click here to see our EXCLUSIVE presentation to learn how to minimize your L2 norm when you're a reproducing kernel! Or read the white paper!

Risk Minimization 4 Patriots

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Princeton Professor unlocks key to asymptotic bounds

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Cornell professor describes the five signs that you will overfit and die

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